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Mille Hydro™

4 mm thick acrylic tub body
PU foam reinforcement
Framed leg construction
Acrylic front skirt
Automatic overflow, drain valve and siphon
6+6 micro jets for V-concept™ back massage
4 midi jets for hydromassage system
Pneumatic control button and air regulator

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Mille Hydro™

Retro faucet set

Contains: - hot valve - cold valve - switch valve - waterfall inlet - hand shower
Mille Hydro™

Chromotherapy lighting

Colour therapy positively affects our physical and mental condition. WELIS chromotherapy system is based upon three primary colours of light: green, blue and red. The control units of our bathtubs continuously change these colours, mixing shades and relaxing your mood. You also have the option to choose the light most fitting your mood with the push of a button.
Mille Hydro™

Air system with 8 jets

8 WELLIS Aria jets in the bottom of the bathtub. Provides a unique bubbling massage experience. Adjustable with an extra pneumatic button.
Mille Hydro™

Nanotechnology surface treatment

Nanotechnology surface treatment.